Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli Auctioning Off Chance To Punch Him In The Face


Martin Shkreli, the "pharma bro" who made headlines last year after his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, drastically raised the price of a toxoplasmosis drug, is auctioning off the chance to "punch/slap" him in the face in order to raise money for the son of a friend who recently passed away. 
Shkreli announced the rather unusual fundraiser on his Twitter account, and claimed that people are already bidding into the mid-five figures.
I will auction one slap/punch in the face to benefit my friend Mike who passed away & leaves behind a young son who survived cancer. DM bids
Shkreli then shifted the "auction" to a Giveforward, and said that everyone who donates will get a raffle ticket for a chance to punch him in the face. The largest donor will also get the opportunity to punch him in the face.
Donate now and a winning slapper/puncher will be selected. Not seeing much donation relative to media exposure. 
I'm matching the donation amount and each dollar donated gets you a raffle ticket to punch, slap, have, dinner, or even a date, with me.

Isn't capitalism wonderful?

Thank You Ms Rouselle and Townhall.

Why would Anyone want to punch Anyone in the medical field in the face?

Senate Hands Obama Stinging Rebuke: 99 to 1 Vote Overturns Presidential Veto of Bill Letting Families of 9/11 Victims Sue Saudi Arabia

the guardian

Lawmakers refused to oppose measure backed by 9/11 families, permitting them to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for allegedly backing the hijackers

Barack Obama suffered a unique political blow on Wednesday, when the US Senate overturned his veto of a bill that would allow families of the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks to sue Saudi Arabia.
If, as seems certain, the House follows suit later in the day, Obama will endure the first override of his presidency less than four months before leaving office. No Democrats came to the Senate floor to defend his position before the overwhelming bipartisan 97-1 vote. Democratic minority leader Harry Reid cast the sole vote against override, which has put Congress at odds with the White House and national security establishment.
The legislation would permit courts to waive a claim of foreign sovereign immunity when an act of terrorism occurs inside US borders, according to the terms of the bill. Saudi Arabia has objected strongly to the legislation and has categorically denied any role in the 9/11 attacks. Fifteen of the 19 plane hijackers were Saudi nationals.
The measure passed the Senate and House unanimously in May and September, but Obamavetoed it last Friday, claiming that it would make the US vulnerable to retaliatory litigation in foreign courts that could put American troops in legal jeopardy. Proponents of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) insist that it is narrowly tailored and applies only to acts of terrorism that occur on US soil.
Many senators and representatives are also reluctant to oppose a popular measure and be seen as soft on terrorism with elections just weeks away.
Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate judiciary committee, said the families of 9/11 victims favoured the measure and accused Obama of bowing to Saudi pressure. “All they want is the opportunity to present their case in a court of law,” he said on the Senate floor. “And that’s what this legislation would give them.
“The legislation has run into opposition because it is opposed by Saudi Arabia, who has been making threats against the United States about what it might do if Congress stands with the American people and 9/11 victims and their families, instead of the Saudis.
“And now, according to press reports, the Saudis have gone out and hired an army of lobbyists to work furiously in a last-minute attempt to derail it.”
Texas senator John Cornyn said: “This is pretty much close to a miraculous occurrence because Democrats and Republicans, senators [and] House members have all agreed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which gives the victims of a terrorist attack on our own soil an opportunity to seek the justice they deserve.”
The Republican rejected Obama’s objections. “He cites concerns that the bill would ‘create complications’, he says, with some of our close partners, but the truth is JASTA only targets foreign governments who sponsor terrorist attacks on American soil, plain and simple.”
The bill was revived last year by Cornyn and New York Democratic senator Chuck Schumer, who said on Wednesday: “This is a decision I do not take lightly. This bill is near and dear to my heart as a New Yorker, because it would allow the victims of 9/11 to pursue some small measure of justice, finally giving them a legal avenue to pursue foreign sponsors of the terrorist attack that took from them the lives of their loved ones.”
John Brennan, the director of the CIA, warned that the legislation would have “grave implications” for US national security. He said: “The most damaging consequence would be for those US government officials who dutifully work overseas on behalf of our country. The principle of sovereign immunity protects US officials every day, and is rooted in reciprocity. If we fail to uphold this standard for other countries, we place our own nation’s officials in danger.”
The vote deals a late blow to Obama on an issue he feels keenly about at a time when his personal popularity is riding high. Before the vote, Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, told reporters: “The president has strong views about this legislation and the impact that it would have not just on the US relationship with Saudi Arabia, but with countries around the world. It would increase the risk that is facing our service members and our diplomats and our intelligence professionals. And that is a view that president has stated on a number of occasions.
Earnest had a scathing response to the vote on Wednesday. “I would venture to say that this is the single most embarrassing thing that the United States Senate has done, possibly, since 1983,” said Earnest. “Ultimately these senators are going to have to answer their own conscience and their constituents as they account for their actions today.”
Before the vote was held, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, acknowledged the president’s concerns over sovereign immunity procedures and admitted he had difficulty supporting the bill, which “has problems”.
He concluded: “With tremendous reservations and concerns about where this legislation is going to lead us, with tremendous empathy towards the victims that have lived through so much, have seen loved ones gone, that has affected their lives and will affect their lives for the long term, I’m going to support passage of this legislation today, but I do so understanding that there could be in fact unintended consequences that work against our national interest and with a determination should that occur to work with others in this body to try to overcome that.”
The House is set to hold a vote later on Wednesday. If the House also overrides the veto, as seems certain, the bill would become law. During his nearly two full terms in office, Obama has never had a veto overridden by Congress.

Thank You Mr Smith and The Guardian.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ISIS Executes 7 of Its Own Fighters For Fleeing Battlefied, By Crushing Them With A Bulldozer


Religion of Peace™
Nineveh – Members of ISIS terrorist group fled Sharqt battle were trampled to death by a bulldozer in the city of Mosul, al-Sumaria News reported Monday.
The news website reported that ISIS executed seven of its members fled the battles in Sharqat district in northern Iraq by running them down with a giant bulldozer.
The victims had their hands and legs chained before they were executed in a public square in the city of Mosul.
The majority of the victims were from Arab and foreign nationalities.
According to the website, the executions were carried out in front of citizens and other ISIS members. The group wanted the victims to be an example of the punishment its members would receive if they thought of fleeing the battlefield.
Security forces and popular crowd managed earlier to liberate Sharqat and the surrounding villages from ISIS control. The forces also inflicted heavy losses on ISIS militants.

Thank You Iraqi News and Zip. 

ISIS Burns 6 Spies To Death In Front of Their Families


Please, Please, can we just hurry up and get these people into America so we can get them into the Most Expensive and Most Important part of our State of the Art Health Care System?

They so desperately need Counseling, Therapy, and Medicare/Medicaid Covered Drugs. We can cure them if only you stingy, Racist Xenophobes will get out of the way and let us have More Money and Time.

With friends like this who needs enemies?
(ARA News) – Extremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) have burned six civilians to death in the city of Mosul in Iraq’s northwestern Nineveh Governorate, after accusing them of ‘spying’, activists and eyewitnesses reported on Thursday.
The ISIS-led Islamic Police, also known as al-Hisba, arrested six young men in Mosul earlier on Tuesday. The ISIS leadership then accused them of leaking security information about the group’s movements in Mosul to the Kurdish Peshmerga army and US-led coalition.
The Sharia Court of Mosul said in a statement that after “interrogations” the suspects “confessed to have been cooperating with the Peshmerga and the crusader coalition” against the so-called Caliphate.
“The Sharia Court called for the most brutal punishment for those six young men. ISIS militants burned them to death in public on Thursday evening,” local media activist Abdullah al-Malla told ARA News.
The victims were charged with treason, according to the source.
“Hundreds of people witnessed the execution. Also, the victims’ families were forced to watch their sons being burned to death,” an eyewitness told ARA News, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Thank You ARA News and Zip. 

Sen. Health Committee Chair Lamar Alexander: "ObamaCare Is Falling Apart", Another 131,000 Lose Coverage After Blue Cross Bails On Tennessee


Via Washington Examiner:

In the latest blow to Obamacare, 131,000 in Tennessee are losing their Obamacare due to a shocking decision by BlueCross BlueShield to put out of Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville.

Senate Health Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander, who has for years charted the ills of Obamacare, said the move “is more evidence that Obamacare is falling apart. Short term, we need to give families the opportunity to use their Obamacare subsidies to buy a policy for 2017 outside of the exchange.”

In a statement, the Tennessee Republican said, “Longer term, regardless of who the new president is, we need to replace Obamacare with insurance choices that allow Tennesseans to select low-cost insurance that fits their budget and their health care needs.”

BlueCross is the state’s largest insurer and their decision is both the latest by a big insurer to give up on the money-losing presidential initiative and a signal of more withdrawals by insurers to come.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Viva Socialism! Venezuela's Hospitals So Broke They're Keeping Newborns In Cardboard Boxes

by Matt Vespa

The Venezuelan heath care system is a total disaster. The lack of supplies, like soap and gloves, has caused the state of its hospital system to resemble something out of the 19th century, according to reports on the ground. The rolling blackouts have caused newborn deaths to spike in the maternity wards. Women are lining up to be sterilized rather risk becoming pregnant and raising children in such abject conditions. Now, the supply shortage has become so egregious that newborns are reportedly being placed in cardboard boxes. Keep in mind, these photos have not been verified yet, but if true—it shows how bad conditions have worsened since news organizations started reporting intermittently about the collapse of Venezuela (viaCNN):
The images show newborn babies in cardboard boxes, lined up on a counter.
A hospital employee took the photos, according to the opposition group that released them.
Venezuela's opposition says the photos of the babies show a health care system in crisis.
The images purportedly were taken at the government-run Domingo Guzmán Lander Hospital in the coastal city of Barcelona, about 315 kilometers (195 miles) east of Caracas
Authorities are investigating, according to the government official who runs the institute that oversees the Barcelona hospital and others across the country.
According to statistics released by the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation in June, the country is facing a shortage of more than 80% of the medicines doctors need. And more than 13,000 doctors -- about 20% of the country's medical workforce, have left the country in recent years due to the collapse of the health sector.
Besides the medical sector, looting has become rampant among Venezuelans struggling to survive. Food has become in short supply as well, with people eating out of trashcans and supermarkets being cleared out. In some cases, Venezuelans have broken into zoos and killed animals for meat. It’s a horrific situation in a country that prided itself in being an example of so-called 21st Century Socialism.

Thank You Mr Vespa and Townhall.
Govt medicine.
Free Stuff.

New Federal Rules Target Woeful Reporting of Clinical Trial Results


SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

WASHINGTON — Researchers will have to publicly report the results of many more clinical trials, including some for drugs and devices that never reach the market, under new government rules announced Friday.

The federal rules, which also require more complete reporting of deaths, clarify and strengthen a 2007 law that requires researchers to report results of many human studies of experimental treatments for ailments such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

A STAT investigation last year found widespread noncompliance with reporting requirements by both drug companies and academic institutions — including universities that are among the top recipients of government research funding, and by National Institutes of Health staff scientists. In the vast majority of cases, study results were reported long after statutory deadlines or not at all.

Yet not a single researcher or trial sponsor has been fined or penalized, STAT reported — though the Food and Drug Administration had the authority to fine violators more than an aggregate $25 billion since the law went into force in 2008.

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Thank You Mr Pillar and Stat News

color us, . . . . snooze.

With all the damage shrinks do to consumers day in and day out, . . . and can't connect the dots, . . . 

Does anyone believe this is more than just more butt covering?

Garbage In Equals Garbage Out, Systematic Reviews And Meta Analysis Can Tell Us A Flawed Story.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Study At Home: Johnny B. Goode Checks In, Order Vs Disorder

Chuck Berry, 1958  

Johnny Winter, 1969

Judas Priest, 1988

Which one is normal, and which one is 'disordered'? 

Matter of Opinion, isn't it? 

'Mentally Healthy, or Mentally Disordered/ill'.

Think this line of inquiry is a stupid joke?

Try proving Psychiatric Diagnosis isn't.

Even if you force someone else to sit through these different versions, no matter how much they disliked them all, the victim of your Johnny B. Goode indoctrination is not going to be Brain Damaged and made potentially violent by it.