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Just One More God Awful Day: The Obama DEBACLE Week 411: Headline Links From The Nachumlist


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And please, don't pack it in now. 

This Administration may be leaving the White House but we are not going to see them leave the stage by any means.

Senate Dem Leader Schumer: Trump Is Building A Swamp Cabinet

Chuck Schumer once again evincing the Holiest of Media Holies we've all known and admired him for all these years.

Democrat Bipartisanship. Reaching across the aisle to 'Keep Government working for All Americans'.

Posted: Jan 19, 2017 11:30 AM
Senate Democrats have little to no options when it comes to blocking President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees, thanks to Harry Reid nuking the filibuster rules on presidential appointments, but they can create a lot of noise in the hopes of putting pressure on Republicans. Okay—it’s not really going to do that, as the GOP is set to confirm all of Trump’s nominees, even the ones Senate Democrats can’t stand like Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions for education secretary and attorney general respectively. But they have to look as if they’re doing something to fight Trump.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) decided to comment on Trump’s cabinet, calling it one that is literally constituted from the swamp. It’s a reference to the president-elect’s promise to clean up D.C. if he were elected—to drain the swamp. Schumer also voiced his concern at the lack of transparency with the nominees, the number of them who didn’t submit their ethics papers, and the number of hearings scheduled (via the Hill):
"This is a swamp cabinet full of bankers and billionaires,” Schumer told reporters at his weekly press conference. 
The Senate minority leader also criticized Republicans for scheduling so many hearings — some of them even as nominees failed to hand in paperwork to the Office of Government Ethics.
Schumer specifically pointed to Betsy DeVos, Trump's pick to lead the Department of Education, noting lawmakers did not have all of her paperwork before Tuesday's hearing.
“The last two weeks have not been good for open and transparent government,” he said.

[The last 2 weeks Chuck? How about the last freakin' 8 Years?]
Democrats want another hearing for DeVos, and Schumer warned on Wednesday that if Democrats feel like Republicans are rushing nominees they will force “extensive debate” on the floor.
The threat could slow down Republicans' efforts to get nominees confirmed.
Note how an extended debate can only slow efforts down, it can’t stop them. 

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Concerned About Anti-Israel Bias, Republicans Introduce Another Bill Targeting U.N. Funding

The 'Jews' couldn't have done 'It' whatever 'It' is claimed to be by virtue of being Jews. Scientifically Impossible.
Dr Jay Joseph Publications


By Patrick Goodenough | January 19, 2017 | 4:18 AM EST

( – Republican lawmakers on Wednesday introduced yet another bill targeting United Nations funding, this time including a special focus on the U.N. Human Rights Council’s heavily anti-Israel agenda.

The bill introduced by Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) aims to combat what they describe as “systematic bias and targeting of the Jewish state of Israel at the United Nations.”

It calls specifically for U.S. funding to be withheld until the president certifies that no U.N. agency or affiliated agency grants official status or recognition to any organization promoting or condoning anti-Semitism.

American taxpayers account for 22 percent of the regular budget of the U.N., plus almost 29 percent of the separate peacekeeping budget. The U.S. additionally provides billions of dollars more each year in “voluntary contributions” to a spread of U.N. agencies, ranging from the International Atomic Energy Agency to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).

Under the new legislation, the Geneva-based Human Rights Council would be deprived of U.S. funding until it drops a permanent agenda item focusing on Israel and the Palestinian territories.

As has reported, Israel is the only country out of 192 U.N. member-states that is the subject of a permanent item on the HRC’s agenda.

The item’s existence means that Israel is routinely condemned at every regular month-long HRC session – three times a year – irrespective of what crises and conflicts may be occurring anywhere else in the world.

When the HRC in 2011 held a review of its first five years in operation, the Obama administration sought to have the Israel agenda item removed. Although the move was unsuccessful, the administration chose not to vote against the final review report that left the item intact.

The Rubio-Cotton legislation says that until the secretary of state can certify that the Israel-centric item has been removed from the HRC agenda, the U.S. will be neither able to fund, nor run for a seat on, the council.

Also in the crosshairs is UNRWA, which has been dogged over recent years by allegations about associations with Hamas, and staff members’ posting of anti-Semitic messages on social media.

Established after the 1948 war launched by Arab nations against the newly-declared state of Israel, UNRWA is the only U.N. agency to deal exclusively with one group of refugees. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees is responsible for refugees from all other parts of the world.

The U.S. has long been UNRWA’s largest bilateral donor, providing it with $380.5 million in 2015. Since 1950, American taxpayers have accounted for more $4 billion in contributions to UNRWA.

In their bill, Rubio and Cotton make future U.S. funding for UNRWA contingent on the secretary of state certifying that no UNRWA official, employee, consultant, contractor (etc.) is a member of Hamas or any other U.S.-designated terrorist group; or has “propagated, disseminated, or incited anti-Israel, or anti-Semitic rhetoric or propaganda.”

Further, the secretary must certify that no UNRWA school, hospital or other facility is being used by Hamas or affiliated terror groups for operations, training, recruitment or fundraising

It also calls for independent audits to ensure no UNRWA resources are being diverted to Hamas or other terror groups.

“This bill simply puts into law what should be common sense,” Cotton said Wednesday. “Americans’ tax dollars should not fund anti-Semitic activities or nefarious efforts to undermine the legitimacy of Israel.”

“For too long, the world's worst actors have used the United Nations as a forum to point an accusatory finger at Israel and deflect from their own failings,” Cotton added. “That will stop only when America leads, stands on principle, and uses its considerable leverage to force true reform at the United Nations.”

Rubio said it was time the U.N. was “held accountable for targeting and singling out Israel while countries that actually threaten international peace and security – like Russia and China – go unchallenged.”

Other pieces of legislation already introduced in Congress this month seek to prohibit either assessed or voluntary U.S. funding for the U.N. – or both – or to tie future such funding to specific actions by the world body or to funding reports by the administration.

One, introduced by Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) last week, would cut off all U.S. funding to the U.S. until last month’s U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel is repealed.

Another bill, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act introduced by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.), calls for an outright U.S. withdrawal from the U.N.

The Pew Research Center reported last fall that only 43 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of the U.N., compared to 80 percent of Democrats – the largest margin between the two measured by Pew in the 27 years it has polled the issue.

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More United Nations sightings.

Ambassador Nominee: I Will Never Abstain When UN Acts Against US Interests And Values

State Dept Held 'Stress Workshops' After Trump's Win

Hmmm. Unpleasant emotions need professional intervention.
Gonna actually Cure any of these Clintonistas?


These are the people responsible for our diplomacy around the world. It is to weep…

Via Free Beacon:
The State Department held stress management sessions following Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, providing employees tips for how to cope with change so they do not “become paralyzed by fear.”
The workshops, titled “The Emotional Transition: Managing the Stress of Change,” were held by the State Department’s Bureau of Medical Services on Dec. 8 and 14, just one month after the department’s former boss, Hillary Clinton, was defeated.
“Change is an inevitable part of the human experience,” an email invitation obtained by the Washington Free Beacon reads. “We can become paralyzed by fear or allow the experience of change to propel us closer to self-actualization.”
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Students Arrested For Handing Out US Constitution. File Lawsuit Against College In Return

And why not? Try the mental health set.

They get away with far worse than an arrest for trespassing when a consumer perps the impossibility of Violating the 1st Amendment.

Free speech at colleges and universities is the primary target for destruction. It’s good to see a couple of students pushing back. 

Via The Washington Times:
A Michigan community college faces a lawsuit over a U.S. Constitution giveaway that ended with its students arrested for trespassing.
Kellogg Community College students Brandon Withers and Michelle Gregoire were arrested Sept. 20, 2015, in Battle Creek after they refused to stop handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution on campus. Officials cited the school’s Solicitation Policy, which requires permission for such behavior, before having the Young Americans for Liberty members and a friend arrested.
Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit legal organization that “advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith,” filed a lawsuit on their behalf Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan.
“Today’s college students will be tomorrow’s legislators, judges, commissioners, and voters,” ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox said in a statement released Wednesday. “That’s why it’s so important that public universities model the First Amendment values they are supposed to be teaching to students, and why it should disturb everyone that KCC and many other colleges are communicating to a generation that the Constitution doesn’t matter.”
ADF’s lawsuit claims KCC’s “Speech Zone Policy” and the wording of its code of conduct create an unconstitutional veto over speech. The plaintiffs also claim the school selectively enforces its Solicitation Policy. They cite a 2015 instance where members of an LGBT group Spectrum were allegedly allowed to distribute literature without an “information table.”
“Defendants were aware of Spectrum’s expressive activities, allowed them to take place, and took no action to stop them or limit them to an information table, despite their Speech Zone Policy,” the lawsuit states. “In the spring of 2016, Mr. Withers observed a representative of another political organization gathering signatures for a petition in the outdoor, generally accessible areas of campus. Upon information and belief, Defendants did not require this representative of this political organization to obtain administrative permission before engaging in his expressive activities and took no action to stop his expression, despite their Speech Permit Policy.”
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Report: Trump To Sign As Many As 200 Executive Orders Targeting Obama's Policies

IF, you're aghast at this seeming Dictatorial, Obama-esque exercise of power, Executive Orders have a purpose. (Republicans are supposed to be above this sort of behavior and submit their every wish to Congress first?)

That purpose is to allow the Executive to take Immediate Action in the face of National Emergency.

Obama was a National Emergency for 8 years. His Legacy remains a National Emergency and reviewing the damage he did this country, Trump's use of the Executive Order pen to undo it is justifiable.


Make America great again!
Via Daily Caller:

President-elect Donald Trump will sign as many as 200 executive orders targeting a wide range of Obama administration policies, according to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Napolitano told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum Wednesday night that, based on his conversations with the president-elect, Trump could sign hundreds of regulations on his third full day in office. The judge did not say what policies were being targeted by the incoming administration.
Trump has hinted he would, for example, work to repeal “job killing” energy regulations his first day in office. Trump’s also said he’d repeal Obama-era executive orders on immigration, and he pledged to begin dismantling the Affordable Care Act.
The Trump transition team told reporters Wednesday Trump would issue just “four to five” executive orders on Friday after he’s sworn in.
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National Emergency. 

We ain't out of the weeds yet. Not by a long shot.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Amazon Responds To Trump Win: Will Create 100K New Jobs Over Next 18 Months

Bloomberg Inc. revealed plans to hire more than 100,000 people in the U.S. in the next 18 months, grabbing the spotlight as President-elect Donald Trump pushes companies to employ more Americans.

The staffing up isn’t particularly surprising for a company moving into multiple categories from groceries, hardware and video to fashion and cloud services. But the move could appease Trump, who tangled with Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos during the election campaign.

“It’s a very powerful headline, and the timing certainly makes Trump look good,” said Ivan Feinseth, an analyst at Tigress Financial Partners LLC. “It’s going to happen in the first year and half of his administration. Bezos couldn’t have set him up any better to look good -- timing is everything.”

Bezos and Trump publicly exchanged hostilities during the presidential campaign, with Bezos joking that he would send Trump to space on one of his rockets and Trump saying that Amazon has a “huge” antitrust problem, and accusing Bezos of using the Washington Post to influence politicians to help Amazon on taxes. After Trump’s victory, Bezos tweeted: “I for one give him my most open mind.”

Bezos was among a group of leading technology industry executives who met with Trump last month in Manhattan to discuss points of concern. Jobs, immigration and China topped the agenda. Since then, several companies -- from IBM to Ford and Alibaba -- have publicly announced hiring sprees, though some of them were re-polishing previously announced intentions. In a call with reporters on Thursday Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said his boss was happy to play a part in Amazon’s decision.

The new positions “are for people all across the country and with all types of experience, education and skill levels -- from engineers and software developers to those seeking entry-level positions and on-the-job training,” Amazon said. The company also said businesses like Marketplace and Amazon Flex will create hundreds of thousands of jobs for people who want the flexibility to be an entrepreneur and set their own schedule.

Feinseth said Amazon’s hiring pledge transcends political optics. “You have a good company hiring people in an area where a lot of tech companies tend to be outsourcing people,” he said. “So it’s very positive, political or not. It’s still 100,000 more people in the U.S.”

Still, in 2015, the most recent year for which numbers are available, Amazon was hiring an average of about 6,400 people a month globally. So it’s a good bet that a big chunk of the announced U.S. recruiting would have happened anyway.

What’s more, the hiring spree could do less to help the U.S. economy than is immediately apparent. Research groups have argued that the company kills more jobs than it creates because it has disrupted the traditional retail industry. Critics also say tax breaks and other incentives that have helped fuel Amazon’s warehouse growth weren’t worth the investment because they create mostly low-wage jobs, many of them temporary.

Josh Olson, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co., said Amazon’s move sets a potentially dangerous precedent. “It’s an odd thing when one of the biggest most successful U.S. corporations has to kind of bow down or pay homage to a Republican president when the Republican party has traditionally been pro-business,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a healthy environment for the long run, when you have a president publicly shaming companies.”

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The Pardon Process Has Been Hacked!

That Putin guy's got more evil  super powers than the whole line up of Marvel Comix Villains put together.

rush limbaugh

RUSH: So I guess it’s safe to say that Putin has hacked the pardon process. I mean, how else would you explain it? This Manning clown, used to be Bradley Manning, now — not Peyton, what is it? Chelsea, now Chelsea Manning — committed treason, leaked a bunch of Defense Department and military documents to WikiLeaks, the dreaded WikiLeaks, and he was sent to prison for treason. Obama just commuted his sentences. He’s only gonna serve 80% of it. So now what it means is that this guy who gave our private documents to the dreaded WikiLeaks, which everybody knows now is Putin who hacked the election.

I guess it’s safe to say now that Putin has hacked the pardon process, and even some of the Drive-Bys are worried about the apparent conflict here. Because on one hand you have Obama joining the chorus of people claiming the Russians hacked the election because of their association with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. And yet here is Obama pardoning somebody who committed treason using WikiLeaks and Putin, and it makes it look like — as far as Obama’s concerned — it’s okay if an American soldier leaks documents to WikiLeaks that end up in Russia.

That’s fine! No problem with that. But if those same Russians hack our election and cause Democrats to lose, well, we can’t have that. Some in the media here worried about this, trying to understand it. We, as you know, make the complex understandable here at the union EIB Network, and that’s what we’ll do.


RUSH: This Chelsea Manning here, who used to be Bradley Manning — obviously a confused individual. I guess what it means now, ladies and gentlemen, is that it’s okay to leak confidential information to WikiLeaks. This is what this clown did. In fact, this is how WikiLeaks came to fame. This how. I mean, WikiLeaks had been there and doing what they do on a small-scale basis. But here came then, Bradley Manning, a very confused and angry member of the U.S. military and who had become a good liberal by becoming convinced the United States was the problem in the world.

So he stole a bunch of military documents, defense department documents, government military secrets, and he gave them to Julian Assange at WikiLeaks. And Obama just commuted his sentence! Obama just pardoned a guy who committed treason by giving a bunch of data to WikiLeaks, which I guess now it’s okay to have confidential information leaked to WikiLeaks. I guess it’s perfectly fine to have WikiLeaks involved in the American judicial process.

I guess it would be safe to say that Ashley… No, what is it? What is it? (interruption) Chelsea. (You know, I actually keep wanting to say Peyton Manning and I know it’s not Peyton.) Chelsea Manning has hacked the pardon process. But, apparently, it’s okay. It’s okay. He hacked the pardon process to get a pardon. It’s perfectly fine: Just like Putin hacked the election, Manning hacked the pardon process. I don’t see the difference, folks. I really, really don’t.


RUSH: Okay, since I’ve talked about it, this is gonna be a sound bite here on this Manning business. The Drive-Bys having trouble understandings why Obama would side with Assange on Manning and why he would pardon Manning, because that pardons WikiLeaks and the fact they love WikiLeaks, but of course WikiLeaks is a big enemy number one now. So we have a montage of people from CNN and a couple other places on this. Give a listen…

MARK PRESTON: (outdoor noise) It’s just a very bizarre situation that we’re in right now. Democrats, who are the law-and-order party, political party when it comes to the Russians, the Republicans, when it comes to Chelsea Manning. Very bizarre.

SARA MURRAY: (outdoor noise) This is a person who is not liked by many Democrats.

GLORIA BORGER: (outdoor noise) It’s quite controversial. A hard case for the president to make.

EVAN PEREZ: The Obama administration has made a big deal of the fact that the WikiLeaks served as an arm of the Russian intelligence services, which stole documents from Democrats and then released them through WikiLeaks in order to harm the campaign of Hillary Clinton. A lot of people were surprised by this decision.

GLENN GREENWALD: Six years later, everything is pretty much reversed. Democrats almost universally despise WikiLeaks, uh, and view Julian Assange as a traitor. There’s a lot of support on the right now for WikiLeaks.

RUSH: I wouldn’t call it support on the right for WikiLeaks. The left is the focus here because all of these people in the media are exactly right; their heads are spinning. Because they have been conditioned, over the last year and a half, to hate WikiLeaks, to hate Julian Assange, to link him with Putin as agents of defeat for Hillary Clinton. But you go back, WikiLeaks used to be a hero! Assange was a hero, because they made it possible for this Manning character to leak American secrets, and they celebrated it all.

And now here comes Obama pardoning this guy who committed treason and built WikiLeaks up, and they’re confused. They don’t know why Obama did it. Because this makes WikiLeaks look like an ally! It makes Manning look like an ally and WikiLeaks look like an ally. Obama’s got some explaining to do. He is gonna explain why he did this. We know why he did it! Of course, we know why he did it. But he’ll never say. I mean, whatever his explanation is is not gonna be the real reason why he did it.

The bottom line is I guess it’s okay to leak confidential information damaging to the United States to WikiLeaks. (phone ringing) Because we’ve pardoned the guy who did it. (ringing) And in the same process, we’ve sort of pardoned Assange, and… (ringing) Let me… Hang on. Let me decline that. (ringing) It’s a wrong number. Nobody ever calls me. And then on the other side of this we would have to say that this guy WikiLeaks has now hacked the pardon process. I love it. I absolutely love all this.

Thank You Mr Limbaugh. And BTW, we listened to this episode live today.

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The one thing we Can say about Putin with 100% certainty, is that he's at least 10 times smarter than Obama.